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  1. 5m x 2m Inspiration GREEN RETREATS (23 May 17) This company truly specializes in building home office sheds/buildings - not storage sheds, but small buildings for doing office type work. They say about themselves: "Green Retreats Are The Original Garden Room Company. Proudly the UK's largest, leading and most trusted garden room company with over 10,000 garden rooms installed and an independent 5-star rating on Trustpilot from our customers." Picture on the right is of their 5m x 2m model called "Inspiration".

    School Supplies ►Since our opening in 2005, Green Retreats have designed and installed over 10,000 garden rooms for our customers. In this time, we have become the UK's leading and most trusted garden room company, offering the most superior product available on the market. Great customer service and after-care is at the forefront of everything we do – which is why we have been rated 5 stars on Trustpilot by our customers. Green Retreats is the parent company for the Green Retreats Family of Companies, formed with our sister brands: The Garden Office, Garden Studio and ProWorkshop. Each company within the Green Retreats Family offers its own unique products that all boast the same great quality and service. All Green Retreats Family garden rooms are proudly manufactured in the UK in our purpose-built factory. The factory is also home to our unique indoor showroom, the largest of its kind, showcasing 12 fully furnished garden room products from within the Green Retreats Family. We build our garden rooms for private, commercial, corporate and educational use. Previous customers include The National Trust and Kensington Palace Gardens as well as many charities and schools throughout the country.◄
  2. Hexi House 3D Picture HEXI HOUSE   This is a creation of a man living in Northern Ireland. It has been some time since he has updated his websites and other media - so there is a possibility that this project has been put on hold or abandoned. I have linked to his homepage and you can also visit his twitter page by going here: twitter.com/hexihouse.

    ►A DIFFERENT KIND OF GARDEN HOUSE. This uniquely designed hexagonal house is made from sustainable materials and has a wide range of external treatments to fit with your garden's shape and style. Whether it's as a garden office or a place of tranquility, each house has multiple applications creating the space for the activities which matter to you the most. For every Hexi-House purchased, we will reinvest a proportion of the profits to help fund housing solutions for those most in need throughout the world. Changing lives - one hexagon at a time. Download our e-Scrap Book on the Design and Development of Hexi-House. When you are working on a project like Hexi-House, lots of things change and iterate. We have compiled an e-scrap book mapping our journey since we first had the idea in July 2012. This gives you an insight into our ideas, mistakes and innovations since then. Take a look!◄
  3. Describe THE SKYSPHERE TOWER   Now here is a very unique backyard home office that many people like. The man that made this unit made it for his own use, but might be interested in selling these prefab to the general public. Actually, it may not be too expensive to make these tower rooms. On his website he shows most or all of the steps required to build this to completion. Very interesting project. This "Man Cave" would make the Jetsons very proud I'm sure. I think
    this guy is living in New Zealand, that is where i am located presently, what a coincidence.

    ►The Skysphere is a Tower fully designed and built by Jono Williams. It is android controlled and powered solely by the sun. It's basic features include: Mobile App Remote Controlled. Fingerprint Entry Motorized Door Refrigerated, In-Couch Beer Dispenser. Fully Solar Powered with management system. Miracast Projector. Wireless Sound System. Computer generated voice dialogs. 360 Degree Viewing Window. Custom Built Queen Size Bed. Dimmable Colored Mood LED Lighting. High speed point to point wireless internet. Central Ladder. Rooftop Starview Platform. Natural Light Portal for column.◄
  4. Garden Retreat SHE SHEDS   This listing displays 6 sheds made specifically for women users only. The women in these pictures use the sheds for working on their craft projects to socializing with friends. Actually, i am sure that there is a lot more of these type of sheds throughout the world, but here is a small sample of what can be done. Click on the picture at the right to see a larger collection of She Sheds: A women's answer to the man cave. ►A Crafty Way To Escape. Caroline Counsell, 42, is a sales assistant who lives in Redhill, Surrey, with husband Darren, 45, a mechanic, and their two sons. "The shed is my escape from a house in which I am outnumbered by men. I love arts and crafts, so I spend hours with scraps of fabric and ribbon, making cards and bunting for friends and family as gifts. It's 8ft by 10ft and is filled with colorful containers and piled with knick-knacks. I have a desk, chair and computer — and I painted fluffy white clouds on the ceiling. Though the shed is my corner of girliness, there is one male who is allowed over the threshold, though — my Jack Russell, Mylo!"◄
  5. Garden Studio Model ROOMWORKS   Looks like a very professional company featured here located in the United Kingdom. Beautiful small useful buildings available. They also do school buildings and public buildings. They have garden rooms and annexes from £10,000. Picture on the right is of their "Garden Studio" model, one of their smallest rooms.

    ►If you are working from home, you will need somewhere quiet, comfortable and productive. As one of the UK's leading garden office providers we will deliver exactly what you need. We can also supply you with an amazing insulated garden room to play in, somewhere to relax, work-out, have fun in or simply hide away. So what makes a Roomworks garden building so different? You might be tempted to say that our offices, studios and leisure rooms all look alike! Well the truth is they're not. Our garden room designs are totally unique. So what we say is this - our buildings are different because of the way they make you feel. The closer you look, the better they get - comfortable modern environments . . . But it's the things you can't quite put your finger on that will really make you happy about your new Roomworks room. From foundations to finishing touches, we will work with you to make everything absolutely perfect. Our buildings stand the test of time - environmentally responsible, beautiful, and built to be enjoyed for decades to come. We guarantee you an unrivalled service.◄
  6. EasyCube EASY CUBE   Completely different concept here. I have never seen a home office design of this type, it allows for a very large exposure to the outdoors in warm weather. The picture on the right is of the basic "Cube" which can be customized with different options or additions such as sliding glass doors, or sliding walls. This cube is prefab and is easy to assemble according to the designer. This is a European business (Estonia) and i do not think this is available in the USA. The website has a link in the top right corner which allows for translation into English if you wish.

    ►Are you looking for a modern, still classical looking comfortable garden shelter, practical garden kitchen or grill-house, for an airy dining room and shelter from sun or wind? Your new Cube will provide all of this. The Cube is easy to purchase and transport. You can design your own sliding-wall. A friend, screwdriver, plumb-bob and a few hours is all that you need for assembling. This garden shelter can be re-assembled and moved to another place. No construction permits or licenses needed. You can design the new Cube to fit your needs and desires. Sliding-wall can be decorated with different prints or photos creating a unique-looking building. With help from a friend it takes only a few hours to erect the Cube. Glass sliding-doors on the facade allow you to attain a fully closed building. You can add a specially designed for the Cube "kitchen corner". You can add more lighting with a special ceiling lighting bar. You can erect the Cube in your home or summerhouse garden, on seaside, by a lake or river, or wherever you wish to see it. You don't need any construction permits or licenses. Dimensions: 2950x4200mm (9.5 X 13 FT approx.). Materials: Glued beams, boards, plywood, PVC, aluminum profiles, glass.◄
  7. Round Backyard Studio ROTUNDA LIVING   These are beautiful units for sure. This business is located in the United Kingdom. These people specialize in round buildings only, because they believe in "Round Buildings". Looks like a high quality item, something worth investing your money in.


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    ►Here at Rotunda Living Ltd, we are passionate about creating exceptionally designed circular garden buildings and holiday lodges which take you into a new realm of indoor space. If you're searching for an additional building, conservatory or home extension but are looking for something with soul and character then you might very well have found what you're searching for (Please see: "How may we help?" page for further details). With the natural charm of a Mongolian Yurt and the functionality of a modern home; these beautifully engineered little round-houses are a magical space for you to escape into and enjoy; the Rotunda garden lodge is perfect for all year round use as a sanctuary, garden office, yoga space, music room, luxury outdoor hotel suite or meditation space. Circular buildings naturally promote the flow of positive energy and are beautiful, restful and productive spaces in which to spend your time. There are plenty of Modular Buildings available in the UK but there really isn't anything quite like having your own personal Rotunda. (Of this, we can promise you!) This is an iconic little building which is designed primarily to promote human well being, eliminate harmful toxins in construction and promote the conservation and protection of our natural environment. We like to think of this as a building with a soul; designed to nourish you and your creativity. A unique and adorable mini eco-building, just for you. In fact, we are so confident that you will fall in love with your new space we are proud to give you our solemn promise that if for any reason you are not 100% delighted with your Rotunda on the final day of installation we will uplift your building and refund your installments in full. For no other reason than that our sole purpose is to exceed your expectations and build you the Roundhouse of your dreams.◄
  8. The Garden Room Company THE GARDEN ROOM COMPANY   Here is a small website but nice, which seems to indicate a well designed product. Very beautiful as you can see in the picture on the right. They have some nice slide show pictures of their buildings. They use only quality materials in their buildings it appears.

    ►Your year-round garden retreat - Contemporary, Stylish and Durable! What better way to enjoy your garden while you relax, party or study? Architect designed for year-round use and incorporating industry proven materials throughout, our garden rooms offer a genuine extension to your home. All our garden rooms can be fitted with electrical power and plumbing facilities so that you can enjoy all life's usual comforts. Bespoke designs. Let your imagination take flight! The Garden Room Company offer a bespoke design and build service to help you achieve your ideal living space, inside and out. Planning - not a problem! Planning is not always needed and, when it is, we have the experience to help and advise you. Customer care and satisfaction. Our mission is complete customer satisfaction and our team of time-served craftsmen are committed to producing finished work of enduring quality. For further details please contact Julian Warton-Howett.◄
  9. MorHAUS Backyard Home Office MORHAUS   Here's a really nice listing sent to me by the generosity of Mike Bynum of Sarasota County, FL. Thanks Mike. MorHAUS manufactures panelized building kits for studios as Offices, Rustic Cabins or Emergency and Homeless Housing. The picture on the right is of the "Mor8". This appears to me to be a very nice low cost fast build cabin/backyard home office building. Their website has a lot of pictures and other pertinent information. MorHaus provides free delivery within 50 miles of Charlotte, NC. Contact them about shipping longer distances.

    Amazon Military Surplus Items ►After many years of designing 2 & 3-car detached garages for Clients w/Gamerooms, Offices or simply Storage above, Craig W. Isaac Architecture felt there was a market for smaller Garden Structures for these uses. Especially with more and more people working from home (including Craig for the past 20 years over his own detached Garage!), the time was now for MorHAUS. The thought was not to assemble an array of plans to sell, but to design a system that could be modified for confining sites, therefore easily assembled and/or disassembled to meet Client's needs. Craig went back to the childhood popsicle stick days where 4 sticks lapped together would make a star that could be thrown, before breaking apart, only too reassemble for another toss. This was the initial thought to designing a truss that would act to support floor and roof and allow paneled walls to fill in to enclose a space. The Mor trusses are easily assembled on-site from 5 prefabricated standard wood components and bolted connections. Two people can assemble the trusses, move them into position and erect the Mor unit with basic instructions provided with purchase. Another important benefit of the Mor units is the utilization of removable connectors for ease of assembly (and/ or disassembly if relocating) along with weather resistant materials which allows the Mors to be used as an enclosed structure w/ open porches.◄
  10. Roommate Cabins ROOMMATE CABINS   Even though most people live in these little cabins here in New Zealand, they are actually better used as a home office building on your property. They are prefabricated then moved to your property location on the back of a truck. These units are very economical and would make someone a nice little business to operate. Instead of buying a larger house to provide extra bedrooms for your family, these units provide the extra living space a child needs at a much lower cost than purchasing a larger home. They are easily installed in your backyard.

    ►Cozy RoomMate Cabins are available throughout New Zealand, so you can solve your space problems today! RoomMate Cabins are the flexible and easy-to-afford solution to your space problems. Warm, cozy and a great size, RoomMate Cabins offer a flexible alternative to the hassle of finding a bigger property to live in. They are likely to be more cost effective than a larger rental property. RoomMate Cabins are much warmer than caravans or RV's. Their stylish design means they are a great-looking addition to your property or workplace, and because they sit close to the ground they are very easy to access. Give us a call and order your RoomMate Cabin today! At 3.6m x 2.4m, a relocatable RoomMate Cabin is perfect for many uses: Sleepout, Home Office, Sales Office, Site Office, Campground Cabin, Storage Room or Hobby Room.◄
  11. The Baumraum karavan tree house BAUMRAUM   The is a special addition to my website which is about a man who kind of specializes in backyard home office structures but with an added tree twist. He designs small usable home office "Tree Houses" and notice the pattern he uses in his structures: One heavy-duty tree trunk as the main holder with two steel poles to support the tree house itself. Outlet Deals Very clever use of trees, and this system is probably applicable in many areas of the world, where utilizing a single tree trunk is all you need, not many tree branches for support. He also has a book out entitled: Treehouses – Small Spaces in Nature, by Andreas Wenning plus another one called: Tree.

    ►Andreas Wenning, Dipl.-Ing. Architect. Trained as a cabinetmaker, architectural studies in Bremen, working in offices in Germany and Australia. 2003 Founding of the architectural firm tree space, the realization of projects in Europe, Brazil and the USA, lectures and teaching, many publications at home and abroad. Baumraum designs constructions for natural and urban surroundings where you can unwind and let your imagination run free. From simple garden houses for private properties to elaborate constructions for commercial use, Baumraum will realize your concept according to your individual wishes. Baumraum plans and builds inspiring dwellings for children and adults – from small playhuts for games and activities to exclusive permanent abodes. Baumraum designs unique constructions for private clients as well as commercial enterprises in the hotel and catering sector and in tourism and leisure, but specializes in the design and construction of treehouses. The safety and durability of the constructions are of primary importance, but at the same time the trees and natural surroundings are handled with the utmost care. Our treehouses are a peaceful retreat where you and your guests can unwind from everyday life, a wonderful haven in the treetops. From the initial draft to completion, Baumraum combines architectural skills with the competence of innovative craftspeople, landscape architects and tree experts. Baumraum designs and constructs rooms that give a feeling of well being at ground level, up in the trees, and on or beside water. On the following pages you can see different design possibilities for treehouses and other constructions. Let yourself be inspired!◄
  12. Picture of Deco 20 - A Plastic Home Office Building GROSFILLEX   This is in my opinion kind of an unusual product because it is possibly the only 'all prefab plastic' home office in the world. It has a nice design and perfect size for home office use. Picture on the right is of the Grosfillex DECO 20 A. Also, be sure to look at their other similar model: The DECO 20 B. "With 19.87m² of space, the DECO 20B is also an opportunity to get more out of your garden space. Equipped with 2 access doors and 2 window openings, the DECO 20B model offers a large, L-shaped interior space to satisfy your living, storage and leisure needs . . . Don't wait any longer to invest in your garden!"

    ►DECO 20 A. A real garden chalet — the only one of its kind on the market. With its attractive lines, its large internal dimensions and its outside terrace for relaxing, the DECO20A lets you expand you enjoyment of your garden. Equipped with a double glass door and 3 window openings, the DECO 20A will fit seamlessly into your garden and meet your living, storage and leisure needs . . . Let your imagination run wild!◄
  13. Lugarde Paris log cabin CABIN LIVING   This business seems to build home office suites. But the pictures on their website look to me like they are distributors for other brands also, i don't know. But, they have a lot of different items to choose from. Picture on the right is of their 'Lugarde Paris log cabin'. Note: In my opinion they use the term 'Log Cabin' very loosely.

    Cool Note Pads ►Log cabin kits and Garden Office buildings for sale in the UK with free delivery and the option of one the most comprehensive fitting services in the UK. As experienced suppliers and installers of log cabins and garden rooms we offer an open and clear pricing policy with prices for every installation option next to the details of every log cabin in our range. We also offer supply only garden log cabins for self build projects at bargain low prices including delivery. With a unique and complete in-house fitting service you can sit back, relax and watch as your new garden office, log cabin or garden room is built from the ground up. We carefully monitor our costs and those of our competitors to ensure that we give you the best possible deals all year round. We have a vast range of log cabins, garden rooms, bbq huts, garden offices, wooden garages and log houses for you to browse and even offer advice throughout the site including planning permission and more. If you have any questions we have a dedicated and friendly team of specialists waiting for your call NOW on 01380 816385.◄
  14. Picture of their 120 SF Freestanding Room MAKE SOME ROOM   Billed as 'Suburban Studios that are uniquely designed, quality built, and competitively priced'. This is a nice website with plenty of information about their product. They have 3 sizes of backyard studios: 120, 140 & 200 SF buildings, just right for your home office. Picture on the right is of their 10 X 12 FT backyard home studio. It has french doors, awning style opening windows, fully wired, approximately $10,000 complete.

    ►Technology now affords many individuals the ability to work from anywhere in the world. The requirement to drive into an office building is becoming a thing of the past. With this new work paradigm, it is time to begin thinking of new and unique options for improving our work environment. Deal Of The Day A Suburban Studio is the perfect answer for this new age of employment. Constructing a small outbuilding on your property provides you with a quiet, comfortable, dedicated work space just steps from your house. We offer attractive structures that are uniquely designed, quality built, and competitively priced. And, in contrast to prefabricated kits, our studios come completely finished with fully insulated floors, walls and ceilings, phone and cable jacks, and full lighting. Think of the possibility of an improved work day free of traffic, mass transit, parking costs, cubicle life, common eating areas, etc, etc. In addition to eliminating your commute, a handsomely finished Suburban Studio will add value to your home, giving you even more return on your investment. Not only does a Suburban Studio improve your quality of work life, but by driving less, you will reduce the amount of pollutants released into the atmosphere, lessening your impact on the environment. And, if you really want to go green, we can help you add a solar panel to offset the power need, or put in a rain barrel to make use of the run-off. For those seeking some flexibility, these aren't reserved for office space alone. The extra room provides you with many other options for use, such as an art studio, workout or game room, yoga studio, or man cave. Include a deck on yours and turn it into an area to entertain and enjoy the outdoors. Take a moment to look at our designs, then consider if this is a good fit for you. Construction is completed on site by friendly craftsmen in typically under two weeks. Thanks for taking a look!◄
  15. Colonial Garden Building, 7x7ft Backyard Home Office SUNCAST HOMEPLACE COLLECTION   This Suncast site features "Custom Amish Crafted Outdoor Products". Included here are some fine looking small home office type structures. Picture on the right is of their 7X7ft small prefab building called the "Colonial Garden Building". This company delivers nationwide (lower 48 states), maybe more.

    ►I proudly bring you the HomePlace Collection – initially started as a family business with a history of woodworking that goes back many generations – now a part of Suncast.Save Up To 40% In Kitchen & Dining Everyday Although we are a nationwide retailer of fine-quality outdoor products, we have not forgotten our heritage. We promise to continue the legacy started many years ago – a legacy of quality, integrity, honest business dealings, and value. The HomePlace Collection provides a variety of structures that add comfort, enjoyment and function to properties nationwide, accenting homes, parks, businesses, and gardens. We customize products for discriminating buyers across the United States, shipping from our base among the Amish of Lancaster County, PA. Our products are built by Amish Craftsmen here in Lancaster County, PA. Upon completion, they are shipped throughout the continental United States using one of the methods described below. Delivery charges vary and are determined by the method of delivery, the size of the unit and the distance our crew must travel to deliver. Our Logistics staff and drivers communicate with you throughout the delivery process and give you clear delivery expectations as well as delivery time-frames.◄
  16. Picture of their Florance Backyard home office ROKSANT   This business is located in the country of Estonia which is located directly south of the country of Finland. They have on the website a link which takes you to an English version for those who cannot understand the Estonian language which is probably most of you visiting my websites. Picture on the right is of their very nice looking little garden shed named "Florence".

    ►Roksant is a Estonian private company has been a manufacturer and wholesale supplier of log cabins, wooden chalets and garden sheds along with large living houses and other wooden buildings since 1995. Roksant is situated in Maardu, a small town close to Tallinn, with its office in Tallinn center. Thanks to successful development the company Prime Video invested into new processing area and modern machinery. Traditionally our customers come from European countries. Roksant log and wooden houses range varies from small summer houses and garden chalets up to 30 m2 to log homes up to 100 m2 and large living houses over 100 m2 and other log buildings used for different purposes (saunas, garages, log offices, etc). Garden cabins up to 30 m2, Houses up to 100 m2, Log homes over 100 m2. We also produce mobile homes - prefabricated log houses are designed to be capable of being separated in two halves and capable of being moved by lorries. Our log buildings are made from pine coming from the North Russian region Vologda. Wall thickness can be 34, 44 or 70mm according to the customer's requirements. We also produce log houses from laminated log. Besides regular walls in 34 / 44 / 70mm log we make log cabins with double wall and isolated wall. You can choose from the range of our standard buildings which could be adjusted to cater for your needs or order a bespoke log house tailored to your specifications. As a log home manufacturer Roksant makes an effort not only designing, producing and constructing your log house but also aims at educating and guiding the customer in order to create a plan which would perfectly match the needs and budget. Roksant processing area has been equipped with the most modern machinery such as "WEINIG" and "AUER". This high-efficient equipment allows producing log homes with quality proved at the best European level and competing both in quality and price with other log building suppliers. We respond to your requests in the shortest possible time. Thanks to the machinery and design software our log houses parts and details are exact and ready made for assembly. We provide you with efficient floor plans, parts lists and specifications as well as packing list and pictures of shipment and loading. We provide "On time delivery". Prompt respond and follow up in case of missing or damaged items. Customer oriented approach and individual work with every customer taking into account all the requirements and the budget. We would be happy to help with log house erection at the customer's place. We also offer a custom design service. We have the tools and experience to convert your dream log house ideas into floor plans and reality. This cost will later be recalculated and added to your contract price.◄
  17. Almost complete Home Office Building COLONIAL BUILDINGS   There is not a lot of information on their website, but enough to get you going as to what they do, which includes building those famous English 'Beach Huts' which you see along the coast of England.

    ►Increasingly we need extra living space that is independent from the main living area . . . Young Adults saving for a first house, Garden Get-away or Family Gym, Extended Family Room, Home Office. Whatever the reason, we can design to your specification, a garden retreat that will add value to your property and your life. We recognize the stress of people working in your home, and that's why we estimate the average completion from first day on-site to be 10 working days before handing you the keys to a finished job. The Garden building needs to be comfortable throughout the year. Each building can be fitted with high performance insulation and heat reflective double glazing ensuring a comfortable working environment combined with very low running costs.◄
  18. Wroxham Summerhouse TAYLORS GARDEN BUILDINGS   Wow! This UK business really does offer quite a bit of a selection to choose from. It is very likely you can find something here to serve as your home office. Picture on the right is of their standard Wroxham Summerhouse.

    ►Taylors Garden Buildings was established in 1953. Based in Norfolk we manufacture, supply and install a huge range of sheds, summerhouses, log cabins, playhouses and greenhouses both locally and across the UK. Our range is one of the largest available in one place and certainly in the East Anglia area, a testament to our longevity, Click Here For Printer Ink experience and success that so many other suppliers choose to deal with us. We're a friendly and happy company and this shows through from your first contact with us, we try to offer a personal service and as much help and advice as we can. Our product range has grown enormously over the years, of course we still manufacture our own range of buildings but we do also supply over 2000 other products, mainly garden buildings but we also supply a selection of well chosen accessories for your garden. We deal with all of the countries major suppliers and some of Europe's. We are pleased to offer an unrivaled selection of buildings. We maintain keen prices and are as competitive as possible whilst still maintaining the level of service that customers appreciate; Fast, Friendly and Efficient. We enjoy a wide and varied customer base and supply to companies such as Big Brother, Fujitsu, NHS direct, Emmerdale TV studios, MOD and government agencies and of course many other private and business customers. We are also actively involved in local schools, football teams and care homes. We try to offer an excellent level of service and an excellent product range that caters for our customers needs. If you cannot find anything from our standard product range that suits your requirements we can also build to your specifications. With all our competitors both trading in the traditional manner and online we are consistently the UK's top retailer for many of our suppliers.◄
  19. The Hut TIMBER TRADESMEN   These people like to be very creative and they think "Out of the Box". They are based in the United Kingdom. Picture on the right is of one of their creations called: "The Hut". Using 21st century materials to create a unique home office, garden retreat, spare room or studio.

    ►Timber Tradesmen pride themselves on their unique and professional manner. Their aim is to work along side the client to bring your dreams into reality taking a basic idea through development and onto construction giving a comprehensive project management second to none. No matter how unusual the request they will always give 110% in planning the project down to the smallest detail. Based in Somerset UK with a high reputation of customer satisfaction. From years of experience the team have created numerous projects each one as different from the last. Originality is the keyword. Timber Tradesmen is a member of the The Association of Environment Conscious Builders (AECB).◄
  20. Archipod Home Office ARCHIPOD   This has been around for awhile and i wished i had put it up sooner. A very clever idea for those wishing to work at home and need a space ship environment.

    ►Would you like to commute to your office every day by just walking to the end of your garden? Looking for a Garden Office, but want something a bit different? At Archipod (pronounced "ark-ee-pod", as in "architecture") our aim was to create garden office buildings specifically designed to complement a garden landscape, be efficient, ergonomic, and unusual: 360container logo Our initial design is "The Pod" – an insulated sphere of approximately 3m diameter. The "Pod" is constructed predominantly from timber, the world's most replenishable construction material, and is insulated to a standard exceeding that of current Building Regulations. The structure is prefabricated in sections that are sized to allow all the parts to be carried through a house, so it doesn't matter where you live, we will be able to get the "Pod" into your back garden. The way people work is changing - the cost and inconvenience of commuting to work everyday is increasing, whereas advances in computer and networking technology are making the viability of working from home a realistic alternative to traveling to an office everyday. In fact, there is more to working from home than just convenience and lifestyle improvements, there can be huge benefits to working in an Archipod garden office, including: Saving on travel time and costs. Reducing road congestion. Separating "Work" time from "Family/Home" time. Reduced heating bills (you will only need to heat the pod whilst you work, rather than a whole house). Very quiet space – outside noise is minimized. Minimal bureaucracy – unlikely to need Planning Permission or Building Control Approval. Working from home can be easier than you think.◄
  21. Home Office Building OUTER SPACE BUILDINGS   Another beautiful Canadian wood building business. Specializing in backyard home office and personal studios. "The extra room you wish you had!"

    ►Four homes with four home offices later, Lorne Woods began to ask friends and colleagues if they could use some detached personal space too. "I am fascinated with what people plan to do with their new space." School Supplies After trying to find a simple way to add a room that was detached, legal, and easy to look at, we decided that a new product was needed and Outer Space was born. We wanted to give people a simple means to get a complete solution, and we have managed to build a great product which is easy to get. Outer Space is a manufacturer of complete stand alone insulated personal spaces used as home and commercial offices, storage, studios, yoga rooms, hobby rooms . . . You get the picture. We call them micro-buildings, as they start at about 10 feet by 10 feet. We install, or you or your handy person can assemble it; a builder is not needed. Make yours larger, in 4 foot increments . . . 10X14, 10X18 and so on . . . Custom sizes available too! Each Outer Space is super insulated and you choose the types and placements of doors and windows. The inside and outside can be finished to match your house, or you can pick any of our suggestions. It's extra space with no heavy construction, and sometimes no building permit! Have fun in yours!◄
  22. Sustainia Cocoon SUSTAINSIA'S "COCOON"   Located in Oakland California . . . Presenting a totally new concept in small home office or studio building . . . The Sustainia Cocoon. An 8ftx12ft building which to me is ultra-modern and slightly resembles the bottom half of a guitar turned upside down. A change from the ordinary boring rectangular or square box type backyard studio or home office space.

    ►At Sustainsia, Inc. we are offering the perfect environment to enhance productivity and creativity. Our efficient buildings feature fine craftsmanship, modular, and curvy construction. Our mission is to provide eco-friendly buildings with style, that look fantastic in any setting. Contact us to see our fabulous showcase unit located in Oakland, CA and to see how one of our buildings could enhance your quality of life.◄
  23. Dallas Wood Home Office DALLAS WOOD   Even though this business does many different things - it has a nice small building department. Mostly sheds, but also can do home office or studio backyard buildings . . .

    ►We build any size, any shape building available with wood or concrete foundations . . . Your own Office, Workshop or a Spare bedroom in your backyard. Have you ever wanted to buy something that needed assembly, or seen a wood project in a magazine or maybe you have an Idea of what would look really cool in your backyard. Well that's what we do . . . Show us your plans or Ideas and will give you a Free Estimate to build from scratch, or for what you've already Bought. With over 32 years experience . . . We are well qualified. The possibilities are endless! Dallas Wood Buildings are more than just indispensable storage. From season to season, they add charm and style to your backyard environment and help you get more satisfaction from your life outdoors. Styles, features and options combine to give you the custom look you want and the utility you expect. Professionally built on your site for do-it-yourself prices. All our prices include installation and our buildings come complete with (2) 8x6 vents, door threshold, door hooks and eyes, treated floor joist and decking, primed siding, professional caulking, and A grade shingles — items which are sold separately on most do-it-yourself kits. Dallas Wood uses high quality, long lasting, low maintenance materials. We use siding which carries a 30 year manufacturer's warranty against delamination or decay, 20 year self sealing shingles, and 4x4 treated runners.◄
  24. Home Studio IC GREEN   Presenting a little twist on the backyard home office concept - how about a cool home studio or office made from used shipping containers. This business does it all - they modify containers to suit your needs.

    Children's Books ►IC Green is the next breakthrough in housing and sustainable green structures. Designed to be architecturally pleasing yet affordable, IC Green manufactures and pre-assembles a wide-range of structures from small backyard cabanas and office space to expansive residences. IC Green combines the skills and design excellence from our in-house architects and builders to deliver you a fully engineered, affordable and high-quality product that exceeds most finishes of many high-end custom homes. Shipping containers are in many ways an ideal building material. They are designed to carry heavy loads and resist harsh climates. They are transported globally by ship, rail or truck. The containers used in our system are recycled clear-span, 20ft steel box frames, which are structurally reinforced to meet current building codes. The modified containers will be delivered by truck and lifted in place by crane or forklift.◄
  25. Modern Shed> MODERN SHED   Useful as dwellings, home offices, studios. These sheds are not something you would want to use for storing your gardening tools. Can be finished as a guest house or some other nice useful building to be lived in.

    ►Available in 5 styles. All parts are pre-finished and panelized. A Modern Shed is the most affordable addition one can add to a home. Modern Shed is simply about storage, fun, space, architecture and your back yard. It gives you the chance to have an office away from home, a small art studio, or free up room in the garage. Stop paying off site storage and increase the value of your home and quality of life. Living smaller and within our means-utilizing space to the best of our ability is a start in the right direction toward eliminating the clutter of the day. Modern-Shed provides a creative, effective solution to utilize space while moving in step with the environment, and with the flexibility of customization down to the hue of the trim. Modern–Shed has been featured in The New York Times, Seattle Magazine, Dwell and Sunset Magazine among other publications.◄
  26. Sidekick Homes SIDEKICK HOMES   This is a very professional website which features modular or prefab small homes. I include them in this category because their product can be used as a home office.

    ►Sidekicks are Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) - in other words a second living unit complete with kitchen and bath. Other names for a Sidekick Home (or an ADU) include Secondary homes or living units (California) Granny Flat, Carriage House, In-law suite, Guesthouse, Casita (Southwest US), Cabanas (Florida), and more. Most communities require that such a living unit be accessory to the primary single family home. It may be included as part of the primary structure, attached to or detached from the primary home. There are several benefits of building a Sidekick Home:

    1. Provide a place where an aging parent can live independently, but close at hand.
    2. Increase living space and home value.
    3. Provide long-term private living space for caregivers.
    4. Private nanny quarters.
    5. At-home office or studio space.
    6. Supplemental income from rental or as the perfect guest house.◄
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